Best Source for Watching Movies Legally

Gone are the days when you had to line up in a long queue to catch the latest movie flix at the cinema or watch a movie in fear because you didn’t acquire it legally. There are several sources, hitherto, that are at the disposal of anyone who has an internet connection and or a movie addiction. Below are some of the best and most popular sources for watching movies legally. YuppFlix, for example, is one of the best legal streaming providers for Indian movies. Not only do they have the latest Indian movies available but also ensure that you will not experience a dull moment thanks to the over twenty five thousand hours of content available in their library. The genres also vary and there is something for everyone from romance movies to comedy flicks, devotional movies to thriller and classical movies and the library base is updated on a daily basis meaning every day has something different to offer your entertainment palate. YuppFlix has an edge over most of the other legal streaming providers for Indian movies because you do not have to miss out on the great handpicked blockbusters by virtue of language barriers as there are English subtitles on the; Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam movies available on YuppFlix. You also enjoy the advantage of ad campaigns and push notifications meaning you will not miss a premiere blockbuster.

Tenkotta makes the list not just because of it being a great source for legal movies but also because of some of the other features it has to offer. Tentkotta allows you access to over six hundred Tamil movies and Telugu movies in the hundreds. Not sacrificing quality for quantity, you can watch your favorite movies on Tentkotta in HD, 4K and 5.1 Dolby and not have to worry about commercials getting in the way of your theatre like experience.

And if Tamil movies are your cup of tea then HeroTalkies has you covered on that front with their eight hundred plus library of movies that you can watch without having to look over your shoulder because it is all legal. HeroTalkies lets you watch movies online on all your devices be it your phone, television or computer and offers you a plethora of entertainment options.

Netflix streaming service is one of the most popular sources for watching movies legally thanks to the options it has to offer. You can watch movie premiers without having to leave the comfort of your house and over any of the devices at your disposal as long as you have an internet connection.