Why Companies are Going on Live Video—and Why Yours Should Too

Growth in video consumption has steadily led to higher demand for video content over recent years and plenty of businesses have been quick to catch on, generating their own videos and webcasts to share on their pages.

Organic reach

Comscore says using video can improve your rankings on the SERPs by as much as 53 times, resulting in organic reach that’s about 148 percent higher. Facebook Live Video provides businesses with an easy way to make this happen.

How it helps your business:

  • Exclusive content. Take a tour of your business or show audiences a peek behind the scenes. How does a normal workday goes? Let them into your office and show them around. Show them how you make your products, how you relax, how you come up with ideas and how you consistently find ways to improve your processes and business.
  • Give out tips. You use reliable apps like the BlueJeans live stream Facebook software to give out tips, suggestions and advice every day. Tips don’t even have to take up that much time. As long as those tips are helpful and meaningful to your target market, then they’ll be fine. That’s one way to update your pages with fresh content.
  • Cover events. Launching a new item, service or product-line? You can live stream the event, allowing offsite customers and followers to know what’s happening. Instead of limiting access to your event, you can live stream it to open it to a wider audience. That’s one way to wrestle away a bigger portion of your target market from the rest of your competition.
  • Reuse content. Once the session is done, don’t stick your videos into a folder and forget all about them. Reuse them. Put them in your newsletter, site or social media pages. This should help you make the most out of the material. It also increases the video’s reach, allowing you to win over more customers and followers with little effort.

Benefits for business

Live streaming videos have far-reaching consequences for business. Here’s what it can do for yours:

  • Improve consumer interest. Video makes for a much more intimate and human way to connect with your audience. While emails can be dry, curt and disengaged, there’s a huge potential in video for making the experience much more personal. If your company is just starting out and you want to build consumer interest and attention, live streaming video content is one way to achieve your marketing goals.
  • Build better relationships. Because of video’s face to face interaction, it’s easier for consumers to connect to brands and businesses. That has also made it easier for companies to reach out to and engage consumers, building better relationships with them. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering how face to face interactions create new levels of trust and loyalty, the Business2Communitys
  • Constant access. In the past, customers had to wait weeks just for a letter to reach a company. Then the age of emails came. These days, though, live streaming video means you get real-time access to your audience. You can get shares, likes and comments just seconds after you post a video. No more long waiting times. No more delays. Customers can pose questions and get answers, right then and there.
  • Easier to digest. Unless they’re already hooked, people are less likely to go for long blocks of text. People are more willing to watch than read. That’s because video is easy to digest. It’s also much more engaging, providing sound and visual appeal.

Tips to improve your videos

  • Make sure you find the right host for your videos, someone who’s ideal for your brand and business.
  • Engaging talk. People aren’t likely to sign up and stay around for boring sessions. Make those sessions engaging and fun for the audience. Find ways to encourage their participation.
  • Give out freebies. Free materials can get customers to sign up. That’s one way to get your foot in the door.
  • Find the right topic. Look for a topic that connects and resonates with your target market. They’re bound to watch the video if the title of the event captures their interest.
  • Know your audience. Get a solid understanding of who they are. What do they like? What matters to them? Be as obsessed with your customers as much as you can be. That’s going to help you make customer-centric decisions that could improve the way your company works and get more customers to your site or doors through your videos.
  • Organize your videos. Once the video saved on your page, take the time to catalogue and organize all your videos. Make it easy for your customers to find the videos they need. Group them according to the right categories. That way, you can save your customers a frustrating time of sorting through those videos on your pages one by one.